The Avebury Stone Avenue (ASA) Project - - July 24th, 2002


Dear Sisters and Brothers, Childs of our Great Mother, 

It is now two months ago that a unique effort took place. Since the beginning of this crucial year, Hans-Juergen Kyborg and I, Joachim Koch, of Berlin, Germany, had sent out four emails to all we knew at that time, especially to the Native Nations of this planet. In these emails we explained who we are and  what our background is. We were asking for nothing more than your spiritual aid for a meditation which was scheduled for July 24th, 2002, among the Stone Avenue of Avebury, South England. The aim of this meditation which was held on one of the most sacred grounds of Europe was to show our responsibility as the children of Mother Earth and with this to help her to come back to balance. Another aim was to stretch out our white European hand to the Native Nations who have suffered from these hands since centuries -- this time to make a new start together.

By the time, the effort became larger and stronger and by July 24th, it finally was a worldwide effort with powerful participants on powerful locations on all continents by their own free will and decision.

Now the time has come to say: "Thank you!" for your participating in our endeavour. Only with the help of spirits like you, members of your Nation, of your Tribe, of your family and your friends as well as with the help of the numerous others who participated worldwide - in fact it is not possible to estimate how many it really have been but one thing is for sure: it must have been a lot - our effort has become that mighty as it was intended to be.

And it was absolutely successful. This planetary sphere, our Mother Earth, has received the highest gift throughout the universe: your love.

Now, in the meantime, I learned of a lot of other well meaning meditations which have been or are now scheduled in a worldwide range and emails with invitations went back and forth. We have received sometimes very long texts from various sources -- so we try to keep ours short.

It is my wish to explain to you all once again that our endeavour was and is different and a very special one. We are of no human invented organisation, no political party, no religious group and don't follow any hidden agenda or long term perspective with respect of human power systems. We are simply beings -- as you are in truth.

Our aim was, is and will be -- and that maybe makes the big difference -- only this planetary sphere, the seventh one if you approach this solar system from outward. And of course, the planetary sphere consists of matter and energy that is upon and around  -- and within you.

So we were calling those who do care about these components on the most intensive level, all those who stayed steadfast in their declared belief to live in peace with the planet since eons and throughout all times of being influenced, controlled, abused and suppressed: The Indegenious Peoples of this planet.

Additionally we were calling all those spirits, within a human body and without a human body, who are not members of a Native Nation or Tribe but caring for the same and who wished to participate in our meditation effort. There have been many who responded from all continents and spheres.

We often were asked to tell names and to share email addresses of the participants because there was -- which is understandable -- suspicion about us and our claims, maybe a few times envy and surely astonished lifted eybrows within this or that organisation of whatever humand ruled kind.

We did not do so. Never. All who have written to us can be sure that we didn't gave away names or email lists. Of course, we have learned that we have been watched and that certain Internet providers of course monitor the email traffic. But we - you and us - don't have to be afraid of these activities. We now have something that cannot be controlled by any human power system: our connection we have established on July 24th 2002.

We have been asked to provide a report of what happened that night. Yes, we have received a lot of emails of beautiful spirits who reported what happened or what they did in their special location. With each such a report that came in I felt touched by my heart and my eyes became wet. So many, so wonderful experiences in so many sacred or special locations -- near springs, trees, stones, medicine wheels, on shores, up on hills, beside rivers, inside homes, outside in gardens, in cities and on plain land under the open sky while drumming, singing, shouting or being totally silent as we did in Avebury to connect the energies -- it is impossible to write down this all in one email. We just have finished to collect all these emails which came in, haven't had the time to answer them all what we promise to accomplish by the time. We will try to update our website by the time and if we have permission to do so, share this or that experience with you.

But it is not so important what others did or experienced during that very hour. What you have experienced on July 24th 2002 your local time at your special place is important, it reflects what others have experienced -- in fact you have been a mirror of universal energies.

We all have made a change -- at least the beginning of it. We should move on forward. In fact -- we have to. 

Joachim Koch & Hans-Juergen Kyborg
Berlin, Germany, September 15th, 2002