Joachim Koch und Hans-Juergen Kyborg 

In 1991 we received a permit, so to speak, to enter the larger reality surrounding us. 1991 was the year in which mankind was advised to finally open its eyes and explore its interior as much as its exterior. On the other hand, the year 1992 was very important from a personal perspective. Suddenly, a defense mechanism, planned for such an incident, was introduced by those running this small-scale, small-minded society; conferences within the affected nations on how to assess this presumed threat to the current (world-)order. Personal as much as instrumental infiltration of the established rural areas in order to achieve total upset. Ridiculing of the phenomenon, coming from hoaxers and media alike, working cooperatively in order to present the whole complex as frivolous and absurd. And at the same time, preparing the linked variety of dependent scientists for the killing touch; proclamations that the whole cropcircle phenomenon is nothing more than a mere banality, caused by human activity or nature itself, a dismissal of an "extraterrestrial hypethesis". It didn't take long until this strategy proved to be effective.

This change affected us as well. Our longing for a more physical meeting with the phenomenon, expressed in our second experimental pictogram in 1992, was fulfilled at last. But this was an encounter of a totally different kind - the immaterial. It was the beginning of a fascinating cooperation which would continue for years to come; a cooperation between two so seemingly different intelligences.

It was only very late in that year when we discovered something very important; on a flight journey over two real formations, we somehow got sucked into "energy tubes", in which our compass changed its direction and we all found ourselves overwhelmed by vigorous electricity. During this flight we realised our new task, something we should be occupied with, a meaning that seemed eminent: energy.

The longer we thought about this meaning, the more we slided on the scientific and esoteric surfaces, which generally wearied our intellect, and especially the notion of our very being. At the moment, many are searching for an explanation of the crop circles, looking for a solitary theory. But a resulting formula can only then be valid, if it includes the virtue of the spirit as the universal consternation - and therefore changing the entire paradigm. The phenomenon handed us the notion of energy for our mutual journey, because through this notion we would be able to understand this intelligence on a broader scale. Energy - spiritual as much as material - would be the key by the use of which we could come closer to the phenomenon.

We started to prepare ourselves in 1993. Every book, including "Orion's Answer" and "Network Worlds", has only a limited number of pages. Originally, we planned to include everything which we discovered in one big volume. But because of the length of our research, we would have been forced to omit some of our results, and that would have led to the exclusion of some relevant background information. Our publication is not just another book about the crop circles. It is also the only way to find out which message it was that was given to mankind in 1991, sent by a non-human intelligence, and also what is really behind this whole phenomenon, which has so often been abused, misrepresented, and ridiculed. Please make sure that recent events (the forgeries, etc) have only been accomplished to ensure that you do not "awake" at any costs. The crop circles weren't just "flattened corn", as Doug and Dave were made to say it, but they were meant to be the beginning of a new era for mankind and the entire planet.

Ignoring all the forgeries, we never gave up and continued visiting England in the years 1993, 1994, 1995 and 1996 - and we will do so again in 1997. Every year we found another clue, another notion. Every year we came one step closer. And this is the right way. Only by using a step-by-step learning method should we find ourselves able to find enough time to realise and evaluate our discoveries. We should make it a part of ourselves. Everything flows, everything is in movement towards one direction, one point at which it all formulates. We were shown several energy grids (or rather lattices) by the intelligence during the following years. We eventually learned how to use these energy grids by the use of two bent metal pipes, held in our hands.

To our amazement, we found that we could work with them perfectly. The energy grids, seemingly laid on the ground, are two-dimensional projections of multi-dimensional space structures, which the phenomenon uses to transport (and exchange) spiritual energy and - matter. The phenomenon showed us how to scan whole landscapes by the use of search- and work webs. By using these energy grids, we were able to locate different energy sources in different places, whose significance would therefore be symbolised for our subsequent experiments. The webs highlight three- maybe even four-dimensional space structures, which we are able to influence physically and spiritually.

Be aware that with every single step you do you are changing the surrounding space similar to what a galaxy does to its space in which it is embedded. At at several locations in this grid, the crossroad of the gridlines, you can find coherent transport of energy (information) streaming up and downwards. On the surface of our planet is a similar web of lines, which we can discover and use. We realised that this energy grid doesn't only exist in Wiltshire but also in other places all over the world, eg. Germany or Belgium. They accompany us, they are a part of us. The huge rock formations in Stonehenge and especially in Avebury are more or less like acupuncture needles. They influence the energy lines surrounding the landscape and therefore influence the landscape itself. Unified, whole parts of the global surface can be reached, and eventually the entire sphere of the planet.

By working with the phenomenon and in the circles, we got an impression of how these ancient rocks must have worked: as amplifier, sender and receiver of not only spiritual energy. We learned how to distinguish rocks which functioned as senders and which as receivers. This knowledge of this "nervous system" of the planets which are connected by similar cosmic structures was furthermore used in two big experiments which we successfully conducted in 1994/95, at a terrestrial "neuron", the stone circle of Avebury and its surrounding facilities.

After our experiment in 1994  a CE III-occurance near Silbury Hill was witnessed. Three witnesses can confirm that it was there when a stunningly bright object landed on the surface, continually changing in shape and form. Eventually, a group of small creatures ascended from this object and created a grid of flourescent energy lines on the field! Grids of energy as we already knew them. Just the affirmation we so dreadfully longed for.

Another CE III-occurance happened directly in Avebury whilst we were working on a large-scale experiment with over forty other people during 1995. We used all the ancient rock formations - Long Barrows, Hillforts, and the Leylines, to form a triangle of about twelve miles in lateral length. Here it was where a colourfully bright sphere approached one of the teams in the northern central radius of Avebury, the Cove.

It is actually possible to revive the old energy system of the global energy lines in connection with the rock formations, to send a signal throughout our cosmic environment by using spiritual energy. We feel that you should know of all this, because everything we discovered is in no way top secret or confidential. It is meant for us all to know of, easily understood and transposable - somewhere on the outside or maybe even on your doorstep.

By changing from the visible to the invisible and by creating energy webs instead of crop circles from 1992 onwards, the phenomenon challenged us to dare entering, and rationally (and spiritually) comprehending this new dimension. It required a lot of tolerance to incorporate all these strange events into our lives, and strechted our potential of acceptance towards the egde. The amazing occurances of 1991/92 were only the beginning of something far more remarkable and fascinating than we could have ever imagined, in the years 1993 to 2001.

Many of us are highly fascinated by the so-called "UFO-phenomenon" and would like to be able to find out whether there is actually something incontrovertible to the whole thing. But most of them leave it to others to ponder, maybe because of time difficulties or maybe even because they are too afraid to make fools of themselves, and wait to see their results without actually checking the integrity of these outcomes. So, on one side there are the charlatans, the vain, and those involved in the battle for premium and publication rights. On the other hand there is scientific inquisition, arrogance and several UFO-secret agencies. But most of them end up being stuck with unanswered questions.

We discovered that personal activity is the basis for being able to understand the so-called UFO-phenomenon. Sometimes we just have to get off our seats, out of the laboratory, and leave our houses. Sometimes we just have to take a chance to lay in the green, or to climb a hill. We will never achieve a totally accomplished understanding of the UFO-phenomenon just by writing dozens of e-mails. We would never find ourselves able to really estimate the intelligence of other life forms and their behaviour patterns. However, everyone of us can find out about this intelligence and react to it accordingly. We just have to make it clear to ourselves that we are not simply citizens of planet Earth, but citizens of the cosmos on this planet. This is proven by a single gaze up at the stars.

The phenomenon of the cropcircles and the UFO-phenomenon are more or less of the same background. They are both part of a wider reality, of which they want to inform us. One is only able to come near them when standing up and even only approaching them at halfway. At the moment we are merely able to absorb them. In our sequel to "Orion's Answer" we would like to show you what to do, just as it was shown to us, so you can be able to discover things in your location that you would not have seen before. And with every new experience you will come closer to seeing this world and the cosmos surrounding it from a totally different perspective. Big occasions are always the result of small and smaller changes, and in this lineup they mostly tend to come about. One thought of them can change the world, one look at HD 42807 (the star at the centre of the winter hexagon), which we managed to identify by the pictograms and which is circled by at least two habitable planets, will change the world - because afterwards the whole firmament just won't be the same anymore.

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