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Project Toliman Juli, 26, 2004

The Crop Circle Phenomenon
Research and Results
...more than just flattened corn...
Joachim Koch und Hans-Juergen Kyborg

Update December 2003

Dear Friends!

It is time to become active again and to take the next step towards a better future for our Planet Earth. We all have the power and the right to do so because we all are, no matter if male or female, no matter which colour, origin or status and despite all man-made differences, nothing other than wonderful parts of this endless universe. Within us, we unite spirit and matter and thus the inexhaustible cosmic energy. The electrons from stars around us which once died are the electrons within the skin on our fingertips, are the electrons in the muscle cells of our hearts, are the electrons within the green leaves of the trees which our eyes see, are the electrons within the feather tips of the eagle which is hovering high above and watching us. Everything relates to each other, nothing stands alone, without energy there is no matter, without spirit there is no body.

Together, we took the first step in 2002 when many of us gathered on July 24th at the same hour worldwide supportively meditating to stand by our Mother Earth. We came together beside old sacred stones, up on hills and mountains, at sea shores and riversides, near old wells and in sacred groves or simply in the locations we felt best to influence space and time for the betterment of the Earth. This first step was successful.

The world has changed since then, humankind realizes more clearly than ever where the negative and positive forces on the various continents, in the oceans  and in the atmosphere  work and what - simply - can be done to help this planet to develop into a better future. We increasingly have become aware of our self and of our Planet Earth and we don't want to step back nor do we want to stop either. We want to go ahead.

So we would like to ask you again for your great spiritual support for the next step now which we intend to take in July 2004.

This year 2004 is of greatest importance for the future of our planet up to the year 2012, politically and spiritually. We know we can have influence on the future and so we invite all who would like to participate to unite spiritually and physically in the night of July 26/27th to express again our responsibility for the whole planetary sphere in a powerful demonstration of human abilities and, using our positive energy to oppose those whose work and tools have exposed our Mother Earth to negative influences.

Again, we shall sit underneath the sparkling stars at night or in the life-bearing light of our Sun at all the many important locations and will place a luminous and sheltering ribbon of white light around our planet. We have not forgotten the warnings to handle these venerable places - the true precious jewels of mankind - very carefully and to be aware of the great responsibility once the gates are open and the energies begin to work. We have followed this guidance.

There is another upcoming development which we would like to influence positively and actually have already started to do so on all levels available. As we have made clear in the past, we, Hans-Juergen Kyborg and Joachim Koch, are free humans on an independent planet which belongs to no single group and which is home for everyone. We are bound neither politically or religiously nor to any organization. But our senses are fully aware of all the processes which are  surrounding us.

More details about Project TOLIMAN 2004 will be provided in the near future.

For our Mother Earth,
Peace and Light
Joachim Koch & Hans-Juergen Kyborg
December 2003, Berlin, Germany