Kind request for spiritual help

 to the Native Nations and Indigenous Friends 

for a united effort on July 26th, 2004

Hello to the Native Nations and Indigenous Friends,

in a matter of greatest importance for our Mother Earth we are calling you to kindly listen to our appeal for your spiritual support.

We are: Joachim Koch, a surgeon, 54, and Hans-Juergen Kyborg, now retired railway employee, from Berlin, Germany. We are neither politically nor religiously organized nor members of any organisation or group of any kind. Because of our decade-long studies of ancient sacred sites and power spots in Wiltshire, South England and in Germany, we have organized a worldwide meditation on July 24th, 2002, yes, but we did it as independent individuals and thus we were supported by many of the aboriginal society and by numerous others of various origin. With you, we share the same planet, our Mother Earth. With you, we share the same concern for her. With you, we are crying the same tears seeing her on Wounded Knees because of so much abuse and violation.

Yes, we are White Men from Europe and yes, we are well aware what happened to Native Nations in the past and what is happening to you in the present. We know that many of you are profoundly suspicious of everything we do think and moreover say. Be assured that we are saddened about this.

Hans-Juergen Kyborg and I are standing upright in front of you because we have learned from the past and would like to do better than many of our European ancestors. Asking for forgiveness is far too late. Asking for making a new start is possible.

For ourselves, as a principle of human existence, we declare, that there is land for everyone here on this planet. Taking away the land of the other was wrong in the past as it is wrong in the present and will be in the future. To our view, it is profoundly wrong to say that humans should make the Earth a 'subject'. We cannot subject our own Mother. We condemn genocide and keeping people in ghettos or reservations. We respect the holy ground where the ancestors are buried. We, the new White Men and Women, have learned to listen to the wind, to the voice of and in the waters and to the cry of the birds in the skies. We are all the same children of the same violated and therefore moreover beloved Mother Earth.

We estimate the Native Nations as most important caretakers of this Planet. In many regions people in the past were living in harmony and balance with their land. Balance is a cosmic principle. Today, there is more imbalance than ever before within the whole planetary sphere. The time has come to help to bring a change about. We kindly ask you to help to achieve this.

We know where you stand and you should know where we stand.

We stand for freedom, peace, and we stand for the joy of taking a deep breath of fresh, clean and non-empoisoned air. It is the same air we share with the birds which are hovering high above and watching us as we follow our paths. And it is the same air as one part of the atmosphere with which our Mother Earth is wrapping us, is nourishing us, is sheltering us to keep us alive.

We stand for the purity of the water, the true essence of our physical existence. We have understood that water is more than a nourishing chemical compound. Water is alive, water has memory. Water is within us, around us, above and below us. So there is the same life everywhere.

And we stand for the undeniable fact that the Great Cosmic Spirit has seeded his offsprings into human bodies on this planet to let them experience the wonder of being physical. This planet was meant to be a peaceful harbour for spirits on their eternal journey to stay here for a while to mirror back the love of their cosmic parents.

Therefore, we are deeply concerned about the actual state of destruction of the health of our Mother Earth. We are profoundly alerted by the behaviour of certain humans, not only but also on Turtle Island, who are following only their interests and do care little for those of the peace loving majority of human spirits on this planet and for the well-being of the planet herself.

We are calling you, the Native Nations and Indigenous Friends and additionally all others, who feel that they are linked by either ancestors or spiritually with the aforementioned to open your hearts and to take our hands to try to make a new start between you and us, the representatives of the New White Men. Our Mother Earth calls us to bring about the change into a new and balanced world.

Here we are, and we try look into your eyes as well as you can look into our eyes. We hope that you will recognize that not all White Men and Women are the same. You must recognize it because behind us there are many, many peace-loving and good willing individuals from all continents with respect for you, with understanding for you, with passion for you and who want to march together with you into a better future. We cannot draw back the big wheel of time, we cannot make uncried the tears that have been cried but we can learn and we can do better. We ourselves will do better.

Here is our hand --. Together, let us be like the bright sunlight that shines away the dark fog on this planet. It is time for us all to stand up spiritually because the time of the positive spirit has come. Spirit affects the physical because spirit is mightier than the physical. This is our power.

So let's be powerful, let's be clever and let us be united.

When you look around, you know that we all are challenged to release our mightiest positive spiritual powers to help our Mother Earth. We, as her children, are challenged to declare again our responsibility for her. Remember our combined first step on July 24th, 2002, when many thousand spirits have been united in that night at the same time on their very sacred sites everywhere one time around the globe.

Now please let us all together do this again, let us confirm what we had started on that very day in 2002. Let us do the next step on J u l y 26th, 2 0 0 4. Be with us on that day, it is so easy to achieve and so important to do. It seems that we are asked by the universe itself: will you now - at the crossroads of your future ways - take responsibility for yourself? Will you help your Mother Earth to survive?

We all are part of the Great Cosmic Spirit and balance is one of his mighty principles. Coming to balance means to win. So we will win.

On July 26th, 2004, we here in Europe will be at the most sacred sites like stone circles, hills and near holy trees, wells and lakes in our countries to release there the most positive power of both the spirit and the very place in a peaceful effort. We would like to link up to others at the same hour who are encouraged do the same in their holy locations to form a mighty band of positive energy one time around the planet - just like a child puts his arms around the beloved mother to shelter her.

Please consider very well what we have written above and maybe talk to your Elders, Chiefs, Nation Governments, Tribal Administrators and Wise Men about it before you discard this letter. Look at your children, look around at the land that is left for you, look at yourself. Ask yourself if there is something left deep inside of you which you, in truth to yourself, could contribute to our - to your - united effort to help Mother Earth.

Here we stand in front of you, stretching out our hand to reach yours if you would give it to us to march together into a better future. Once you have considered enough what we have written above and you feel that you might agree with at least parts of it, please respond. If you know others who could feel the same, please forward this first of four messages to them. If you have possibilities to distribute this message, please do so. If you are from a radio station, please air this to your listeners, if you release a magazine or newsletter, please inform your readers and encourage them to respond. If you are a teacher, talk to your children.

On July 26, 2004, from 11:00 pm to midnight  British Summer Time, let us all link up together. Let us sit at the old stones, medicine wheels, on the hills, near lakes, rivers and sea shores, at sacred wells and under holy trees or simply comfortably at home and let us raise and empower the holy energies, let us open these gates, let us be together with our ancestors, let us sing, drum and dance or sit quiet, let's raise the four winds to blow the key word of the new future one time around the world: *c*o*n*t*a*c*t*

More information about what we would like to do together with you on July 26th 2004 will be provided if you like - if not, please let us know.

Please respond in peace.

Joachim Koch & Hans-Juergen Kyborg

Berlin, Germany, February, 2004


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