Project Toliman Juli, 26, 2004 - The Global Meditation

The Crop Circle Phenomenon
Research and Results
...more than just flattened corn...

The Ceremony

At 11:00pm British Summer Time and at the same time one time around the planet our Brothers and Sisters created a global circle of white light around our  violated Mother Earth. She is seen here rising above the Moon's horizon which surely is a spectacular view for every visitor from there.

Earthrise above the Moon's horizon (Apollo 8 NASA) / Erdaufgang über dem Mondhorizont (Apollo 8 NASA)

Our local group met on a remote lawn in Alton Priors, Vale of Pewsey, Wiltshire, South England. This lawn was prepared by us months ago with an energy grid. We applied remote energy viewing techniques to activate the space in this location. This ceremony was monitored and confirmed by independent and not biased  dowsers and witnesses before and after our activities.

In the days ahead of July 26th we had done several ceremonies in the location to secure the meditation event. We had created and confirmed an energetic triangular shield across the whole valley to prevent alien intruders of terrestrial and non-terrestrial origin from intercepting our positive effort. In the past, it happened that some meditators have been affected by 'unpleasant visitors' of our meditations, so this time it was important to prevent such intrusions from the beginning.

Arrangements on July 26th,2004, Vale of Pewsey/Wilts., England

Above: Energetic arrangements in the Vale of Pewsey in the evening of July 26, 2004

Here you can see the triangular shield across the vale of Pewsey which should help to "keep clean" the area from not welcomed influences. This shield was established and activated by meditators in America and Germany in Spring. The lines were confirmed and enforced on July 25th by members of our team. We found them still active, strong lines with three inner bands connected Knap Hill, Woodborough Hill and Walkers Hill and helped to create a positive energetic atmosphere in the area. The location for Meditation Team I was chosen one year before and was a private remote lawn. This lawn was activated also in Spring from Germany and America, was sprinkled on July 26th in the afternoon with Chalice Well water and secured by an arrangement of candles and positive spells at certain spot. Meditation Team II was the group of Ron Russell and Dr. Simeon Hein. Meditation Team III formed unexpectedly right before the meditation and wanted to go up to Golden Ball Hill seperately, a location that was not included in the securing ceremonies by the whole team in the past and present. This might have been the reason that this team reported unpleasant disturbances during their meditation time up there.

'Dolphins and Whales' appeared on July 26th - right in time to our meditation! Thank you, Circlemakers! (Copyright by Sascha Jakoblew)To our amazement, a big "Dolphin and Whales" pictogram appeared out of the morning mist of July 26th on the Stowell Farm below Golden Ball Hill. The contact to our Brothers and Sisters in the seas, the whales and dolphins, was one crucial part of our effort since months and also part of our meditation. What a nice, supportive gift. Thank you, circlemakers - who and where ever you are!

According to the schedule, the meditation started at 11:00 pm British Summer Time with the recitation of The First 'Peoples Covenant with the Living Earth'.

As is was later reported, many participants in the various locations where this mighty text was spoken had tears in their eyes.

After the recitation of the Covenant songs were sung and then very one hour of quiet meditation started. We were about 35 attendants on this lawn. It was totally calm and peaceful on the lawn and also on top of Woodborough Hill where there were about 15 in a group.

We started the meditation by envisioning our planetary system, swinging by every planet inwards, leaving our love at each of them and received boosts of planetary energy. Reaching our Mother Earth it was a beautiful sight as a belt of white light, formed by all the meditation teams worldwide, was already taking shape around her. After visiting the Vale of Pewsey we went up again to look for a place we would be drawn to start the healing of Mother Earth. Each found his/her very place. Later it was recommended to connect with the whales and dolphins and the waters to form the mightiest alliance against the negative and devastating influences inside and outside of the whole planetary sphere. The meditation was gently closed by the songs of a friend of Polly, then we all hugged eachother and went into happy and joyful conversations.

We have accomplished a Great and Wonderous Event! On July 26, 2004 - 23:00 British Summer Time, we gathered together the 4 Great Elements, Life in the heavens and all Life on Earth in a Union that can never be broken. We have successfully evolved the face of the Earth! On behalf of all those involved, the 30 countries represented, we thank one another for our Union in this illuminated endeavor. Thank you again, Brothers and Sisters, we have been many, we were united and we were powerful.

Blessings and Respect to all.