Project Toliman Juli, 26, 2004 - The Global Meditation - Lights in the sky

The Crop Circle Phenomenon
Research and Results
...more than just flattened corn...

Lights above the Vale of Pewsey

In the morning hours of July 21st, 2004, we created a Stargate on a remote field at Alton Priors. It was - and still is - an interdimensional junction. The Crop Circle Phenomenon is the key to the resulting abilities of the combination of spirit and matter - to our own cosmic abilities because we consist of the dust of the stars. We have found that key and we have created Stargates since 1991 - and they were used.

The Stargate on the Tawsmead Field of July 21st, 2004, is the sum of what we have learned after years of cooperation with the wonderful, positive, non-human cosmic Intelligence behind the Crop Circle Phenomenon.

The message of the Cosmos is: look - and think!

In 1994 we started with our meditation experiments on a larger basis. We had learned and seen enough to know that the old mystic places should be reactivated.  We established links between the old sacred points in the landscape and used these 'leys' for our meditations. The Stargates in the fields and the meditations at old important locations are the two main stays for our longstanding successful work.

In 1994, on Juli 30, a close encounter of (at least) the third kind happend in the course of our activities at Silbury Hill. There was a sighting of the landing of an unknown flying object, the appearence of non-human light-beings  and physical and psychic interaction with human witnesses. As the Projects Toliman 2004 approached, we happened to get in contact with the witnesses. So ten years after the incident, we are now in the possession of the authentic report of what really happened in that night years ago.

They were participants of our meditation which means that after ten years of a close encounter of the third kind the witnesses of this incident were in close cooperation with us again.

A close encounter of the third or fourth kind apparently happens not by chance, according to modern research results. Our witnesses are probabely now known to the cosmic Intelligence behind the Crop Circle Phenomenon and as a result of that they could support our endeavour in a most extraordinary way. And not to forget: the central thread  of all our background ideas of the Projects Toliman was: contact !

In the evening of July 27, 2004, no 24 hours after the remarkable global meditation when we made contact with our Mother Earth and all that lives upon her, inside of her and above her as well as with the Great Spirit, our witnesses of 1994 were up on Adam's Grave, on of the locations we had prepared in a special way for our meditation. Now please read on what happened there:

"At 12am on the 27 we were up on Adams grave in Wiltshire, we carried on going and ended up on the next hill along looking out over the fields below the white horse. At 10 past 12 we saw on the horizon a large bright orange light appear, as we watched another appeared along side it. At one point there were 6 light randomly placed in the sky, all orange. Then they all disappeared. I got my digital camera out and pointed it the direction of the lights, the sequence of photos was taken over 30 mins."

"Suddenly they reappeared very definitely in the shape of a triangle with one just above the right hand point. A few more lights appeared other side of the main triangle appearing and disappearing, but the triangle remained. Then they all vanished for a minute or two only to reappear again as the triangle shape, slightly moved to the left side a few feet from the original position."

"We saw the triangle shape disappeared and reappear about three time. In the time that it vanished (the light just went out) other lights randomly placed would show up. The appeared like a light bulb being switched on and off. No trails, no obvious movement other than slight deviation to the left. The triangle shape appeared again for a few minutes then they all vanished."

"There we're about 10 other people up on the hill, one man was filming the whole thing, and I went to talk to him, he was French and with a tall man who didn´t speak any English. He said he'd been up on Adams grave the year before and had seen this triangle shape much nearer, almost above him in the sky, this was why he had returned that night. I saw the video he had taken and it was very clear and good, it would be nice to try and find him. I think he said he'd been camping at the Barge, or staying there. He's about 5'8 short black hair."

"The camera is a digital Sony cyber shot 2.0 mega pixels dsc-p51 optical 2x. Right, Adams grave, we think the lights were about five miles away, although its hard to the photos they were about an inch to an inch and a half above the horizon line, maybe around 500-1000 feet above the ground."

"Did I say that Izzy drew a picture of what he saw on the way home from the hill that night, after looking at the Belgium ufo pictures that you mentioned, the similarity was striking. The only difference was the centre light was bigger in Izzy's drawing. I showed him the photos online and he replied "that´s it, that´s what I saw!"

"So who knows, neither me nor Paul saw the object that Izzy described, although I will say he´s a pretty reliable source, and if he says that what he saw, I believe him."

To reach a brief discussion of what is written above and finally to go to the amazing and exciting original photographs of the UFO sighting

For our Mother Earth,
Peace and Light
Joachim Koch & Hans-Juergen Kyborg
December 2003, Berlin, Germany