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Project Toliman Juli, 26, 2004

The Crop Circle Phenomenon
Research and Results
...more than just flattened corn...
Joachim Koch und Hans-Juergen Kyborg

Update May 2004

Brothers and Sisters,
Dear Indigenous Friends,

amazing things happened just like the spiritual union with Bennie LeBeau and his Grand Teton Medicine Wheel, are happening just like the spiritual union with many Native People and will happen in the near future just like it happened in the past since we began to ask for your spiritual help. This is another urgent call for you to take part in a great endeavour to help our Mother Earth by giving her the best you have: your love and your tears.

We invite you again to take part in a honest Ceremony on July 26, 23:00 British Summer Time, to help our - only - Mother Earth. We would like to ask you humbly to sit down at that time for one single hour and join in to a glorious circle of white healing light that starts to go around the planet and which is produced by the mighty force of our positive spirits, yours and ours. We encourage you to build up in that very hour the vision of a child that embraces the down laying mother who is crying silently because of the pain she suffers caused by many wounds. Let this child be you.

Please join in this global embrace of our violated planetary Mother by sitting alone at home at your favourite place, by sitting together with you family or a good friend, by sitting together with friends outside on sea shores, river banks, seas, wells and lakes, by sitting in sight of a mountain, by sitting under old trees, underneath the sparkling starry skies, on flowery meadows or on seemingly lifeless deserts, silently, joyfully, singing, dancing or simply gazing.

Right at the moment, we have ambassadors who just checked in for Mozambique, Africa, to meditate underwater to try to get in contact with the dolphins and their brothers and sisters and offer an invitation to be with us on July 26th. This was never done before - to include these into our global meditation. At the same moment, the waters of the Oceans will receive this message and will carry this invitation wherever water is. The waters will respond. The waters will be our allies.

Right at the moment, the Grand Teton Medicine Wheel is active. It is secure, guarded and strong. It is a mighty collector and radiator of positive energy. It is proof that many who do care for Mother Earth have taken action.

Right at the moment, we are preparing to get in contact to those who are The Guards of Mt. Uluru in Australia. This sacred place will be a major part of the glorious circle of white healing light on July 26th.

Right at the moment, we are preparing our presence in Wiltshire, South England. We already have created a securing shield across the Vale of Pewsey where major action will be focussed with the help of the ancient sites there in the area. We also will have guards and guides on three hills to form a shining triangle.

And we have prepared something extraordinary for all of you:

The First 'Peoples Covenant with the Living Earth'.

(I have added the following words March 2016). We then invited the public to visit a homepage (, which now does not exist anymore. We encouraged people to read and download the few words which should be spoken loudly just before the Ceremony on July 26 starts. We wrote: "Speak them with all the ardor you are able to while you are envisioning this beautiful white-blue planet. This was never done before in this way and bear in mind - while you on your location are speaking the words of the Covenant, everywhere one time around the planet people are speaking the same wonderful words for the sake of Mother Earth. You are not alone on July 26th. As you give in this very hour, you will receive."(End of addition)

The website above was created by Eutonnah. Her heritage is reflected in her Cherokee birth name, Eutonnah. She also has North American Osage (Aniwasasi) and Delaware (Lenape) ancestry with the addition of Norwegian blood from her father. Though born in the United States, she has spent the better part of her adult life in Canada in the heart of Ontario's First Nations Peoples. She is a three-time nominee for Canada's Aboriginal Achievement awards. Eutonnah (oo-tah-nah) demonstrates her love of humanity through her work and in her personal journey.

Eutonnah is an extraordinary woman with a unique sense of integrity. She has been identified in as many ways as there are people who have journeyed with her. Shaman, Spiritual Midwife, She-who-Remembers, MedicineWoman, Psychological Counselor, Presenter of the Sacred Way, Stalker of Imagery and Inter-Dimensional Traveler are but a few. Traditional Codes of Conduct, however, do not allow her to self-identify as any other than Aboriginal Counselor/Consultant in Personal Reclamation.

(I have added the following words March 2016). Sadly, not long before our ways crossed, Eutonnah became deadly sick but concentrated her power to perform the ceremony at a sacred Canadian site on July 26 together with several hundred people. Finally, she lost her battle against the cancer. It was a great loss for humankind and Mother Earth. I still have all the emails I received from her and will keep them as a treasure. The website existed for a while but the server company wouldn't accept me to maintain it. So they closed it but before I was able to retrieve some of the pages in parts and will try to restore them. Later a special page for Eutonnah will be created here. (End of addition)

So you see, we were working together in harmony with the best we have: our ancestors, our love for the Planet and its overall female aspect.

We ask for your physical guidance and spiritual help, please stand up and march this way along together with us, for the first time and from now on finally, we all are - and this is different from the 29th day of the Moon of Popping Trees (December) in 1890 - children of the same Mother - Earth.

We ask the Native Elders to consider if it is time to respond.

Please respond in Peace.

Your dead cease to love you and the land of their nativity as soon as they pass the portals of the tomb and wander away beyond the stars. They are soon forgotten and never return.

Our dead never forget this beautiful world that gave them being. They still love its verdant valleys, its murmuring rivers, its magnificent mountains, sequestered vales and verdant lined lakes and bays, and ever yearn in tender fond affection over the lonely hearted living, and often return from the happy hunting ground to visit, guide, console, and comfort them.

(Chief Seattle)

For our Mother Earth,
Peace and Light
Joachim Koch & Hans-Juergen Kyborg
May 2004, Berlin, Germany