The Avebury Stone Avenue (ASA) Project - - July 24, 2002

  • 2nd Anouncement of the AVEBURY STONE AVENUE (ASA) PROJECT -- July 24, 2002


Dear Friends,

this is the second announcement of Project ASA (Avebury Stone Avenue).

We now definitely fixed the date for our effort among the mighty stones of Avebury, Wiltshire, Southern England. It will be Wednesday, the 24th of July, from 11:00pm to 12:00pm.

We did this for two reasons: first, the Glastonbury Conference is over. It is scheduled from July 17 to July 21.  The second reason is a celestial one...

Together with all who then will be present physically ... and all who will be present spritiually we will sit beside the Avebury Avenue Stones, reanimating this migthy apparatus to communicate  -- and this time to focus on targets.

All those who have been with us all these years have learned and experienced a lot. We all have powerful knowledge and it is time to make a start for those who feel responsable for this planet and who want to make a change to help our Mother Earth.

During our past experiments,it was shown by a benevolent non-human intelligence that we have support.

Again, I would like you to remind you of:

  • the genuine pictograms of Barbury Castle and Preshute Down, 1991, which were direct and unmistakeble answers to our experiment three days before,  
  • the small circle in the Copse Field above our first experiment, 
  • the light in Polly's kitchen, 
  • the structured craft at Woodborough Hill in the night of July 27, 1992 which appeared in the course of the experiments of the  CSETI-team whom we had made aware of a genuine formation nearby beforehand, 
  • the green light which came down upon our formation in 1993, 
  • the reported landing of a UFO opposite Silbury Hill in 1994, where unknown beings enfolded a luminous grid inside a field three days after our meditation
  • the close encounter in the cove wittnessed by Shari, Louise and Mary in 1995 during our meditation, 
  • the remarkable experiences of the meditation team in the Sanctuary in 1996, 
  • Sara's Circles in 1997, 
  • the daylight landing of a 4 meter sphere on Woodborough Hill in 1999 inside an energy grid which Hans and I previously had activated from 1300 km from afar beforehand in preparation of our meditation. This event was photographed!
  • and of our latest experiment in 2001 where it was reported to Paul Vigay by a man on the telephone that he had captured on video balls of light in the field where we were just preparing our pictogram.

Much more happened - not only to us but to all of us.

Regarding our latest experiment it was accompanied by 5 serious researchers, Peter shoot a unique photograph before this pictogram was deliberately vandalised and Colin saw us from the East Field where he was doing some filming. We will report about this pictogram on our website later because it was another extraordinary experiment with a great success.

This is one of the reasons why we'll start anew - do you think you can assist?

We'll coming back soon.

In love for the Planet

Joachim and Hans

Berlin, March 14, 2002