The Avebury Stone Avenue (ASA) Project - - July 24, 2002

Update July 6th, 2002

Dear Friends, Brothers and Sisters,

this is the third time that I write to you and kindly request your spiritual aid for the meditation ceremony which will take place among the old sacred stones of the Avebury Stone Avenue in Wiltshire, South England, on July 24th at 23:00hrs (11:00 pm) English time.

Since we have started our endeavour weeks ago with our first email to raise interest for this crucial date among the Native Nations, who we estimate as the true caretakers of this planet, we have received overwhelming responses from several locations from all over the world. Among them are well-known and highly respected Chiefs, Elders and Presidents of Native Nations or smaller Tribes as well as from benevolent individuals of Native and non-Native origin.

Our meditation on July 24th has gained worldwide interest and while we will sit beside the old stones, in many places in the world many individuals and benevolent spirits will attend our effort. So we really will create a belt of positive energy one time around this planetary sphere and will use it wisely to influence a place of negative energy to overcome the energetic imbalance here on the third planet of this solar system.

Some sweat lodeges will be established especially to support us and to link up with us. Some sundancers have dedicated the part of their dance at the time of the meditation especially to us to thousandfold our energetic power. Whoever will be among the old stones of the Avebury Avenue that night will be empowered by all the great support of the Native Nations of this planet and will resonance it back to them.

We have established certain remote viewing probes to several targets during the time of the meditation and the outcome was very promising!

This never happened before -- another lesson teached by the genuine intelligence behind the crop circle phenomeneon will be completed.

So with your help so far, we now already can say that this endeavour has become one of the greatest and most powerful non-commercial, non-political, non-religious, non-group-dominated grassroots effords ever since that day when a man named Columbus stumbled on unpoisened soil.

The time has come to reconnect the sacred power grids of this planet. We, the sons and daughters of our beloved Mother Earth, are called to make a peaceful start to bring back to balance what has been brought out of balance: the health of a planet. The medicine men of all Native and non-native Nations are called to start their ceremonies on their sacred places: the medicine wheels, the rivers, the trees, the mountains, the power spots and the stones. We should invoke our ancestors, our spiritual guides, terrestrial and non-terrestrial benevolent spirits to assist our effort. We should visualise that all the great markings left here on this planet by wise men and women in the past thousands of years will start to glow and send out the white light of positive spiritual energy and their encoded messages, that all the sacred summits on this planet, natural peaks as well as the man mades ones, start to resonance the united spiritual force of the ones who will come together for this one sacred hour on July 24th of the year 2002 at 11:00 pm local British time.

Our thoughts during these 60 minutes will be sound without sound, mighty as thunder to be heard throughout the universe: we shall declare that we are responsable for our actions upon this living being, our Mother Earth, and that we are willing to correct faults of the human past according to peaceful cosmic laws. If we come  together for this hour - never before so many spirits here on this Earth upon nearly all continents have expressed their will to participate - we will prepare ground for future positive developments.

By receiving all these emails and by visiting all these related websites, again we have learned at lot. Most impressive was the amount of ceremonies which continuously are taking place all over the world to restore the health of our Mother Earth. These ceremonies, mainly performed by the Native Nations and those who sympathize with them and/or with the principle of a free planet which is home for all  have kept something alive, something which is the essence of any endeavour to achieve a better and  true cosmic future: hope. Hope creates activity.

The time has come to make a start - together. In England, inside these cosmic signs known as crop circles and beside these old stones and sacred places, higher benevolent spirits have teached all who have been there a better understanding of a larger reality. We, as independent beings who live here on this planet physically and as eternal spirits who have travelled through time and space since eons, declare that we want to gain  acceptance to the fact that our planet has the right --  to survive.

We want to - we have to - bring back to balance what was brought out of balance and we, of European origin, now ask you - the Native Nations and all their successors -  for your help to achieve this by being our guides and teachers. We have rescued ourselves from the dreadful past with the help of this benevolent spirit who manifested near Europe's sacred stones years ago. Please take our hand.

Whenever you look back in human history, human empires arouse and faded away, some even without leaving remarkable traces. We are at the fringe of new developments.

The first step of making a change is a spiritual one. Spiritual energy  is the most powerful tool in the whole universe -- and it is the base of evolution. Focussing spiritual energy brings about changes.

This email is the penultimate one before we ourselves leave for England. This time we will give you the times of our meditation so that you can tune in properly. We will come together on the spot in England one hour before the meditation at 10:00 pm local English time so that there is enough time for preparations.

To see what time it is at your location or time zone when we are congregating in Avebury, England, please use this exellent website:

Please scroll down a bit and then select:
Date: 24 July 2002
Hour: 23/11pm
Minutes : 00
Place/City: London

Please don't use the default "UTC/GMT" because this is the time without any adjustment to the summer time which is valid in many parts of the world right now. The calculator within the program will automatically show the right time of your location/time zone if you scroll down and enter "London".

Finally you should click upon "Show fixed time" and in the next window you'll find your location with your local time to be prepared to tune in with us in England precisely.

You may also have a look down at Avebury and the Stone Avenue in advance just to have an impression of the site. On our website (see URL at the bottom of this email) please click on "Crop Circles" and then click on the British flag down in the next window to open the pages in English language. Scroll down the next window and click on "Satellite Images of Wiltshire - Gaze and Ponder". Then follow the instructions, note the postcode of Avebury. Click on URL to enter it in the next window, click on "Aerial Photos", enter the postcode -- and finally come down over Avebury (resolution 10000).

You're hovering above the circular henge of Avebury clearly visibly right of the center. The red ring is located over the village. You see two roads leaving the ring at the South, one towards the lower left, one to the lower right. Now overlay the map (see button left in the window) to identify this road as the B4003. Left of this road you see a small long meadow with a lighter slightly curved footpath - this is the Avebury Stone Avenue!

Now pan down one time with the lower arrow in the navigtion section to see the whole (rest) of the sacred Stone Avenue. At the southern end of the small meadow left of the B4003 - there is the place where we shall have our meditation and where we all congregate and where we will hope to become aware of your linkage.

One drum is good. Two drums are louder. Let the 24th of July become a major positive impact! Spiritual energy performed in the way the Native Nations are able to do, accompanied by our European good will to do better than in the past centuries before, is the way to overcome the current imbalance on this planet.

Every crystal is to be cleaned by pure sunlight and clear flowing water - so please help to clean this beautiful blue-white crystal and its surrounding sphere - our Mother Earth.

Joachim Koch & Hans-Jürgen Kyborg
Berlin, Germany, July 5th, 2002