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Project Toliman Juli, 26, 2004

The Crop Circle Phenomenon
Research and Results
...more than just flattened corn...
Joachim Koch und Hans-Juergen Kyborg

Update February 2004

Dear Friends!

Thank you for all your emails and your kind words. By now, many responses to our first email came in and it looks really promising that we again can achieve to be united on July 26th, 2004, with many members of the Native Nations as well as with other interested parties one time around the planet - as it was intended. We are really grateful for this and offer it as a present to our Mother Earth.

We surely will keep you updated and informed.
Auf Wiedersehen!
Joachim Koch

Click h e r e for the text we have written to the Native Nations

For our Mother Earth,
Peace and Light
Joachim Koch & Hans-Juergen Kyborg
December 2003, Berlin, Germany