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Joachim Koch und Hans-Juergen Kyborg

Project Toliman July 26, 2004

The Stargate

The Creation and Activation of the Stargate

In 1993, the unknown intelligence behind the crop circle phenomenon introduced us to the existence of interactive energy fields, their mode of operation and how we could use them by ourselves.  Moreover, later we learned  how we could activate such energy fields and even to do so across large distances, for example across the distance of more than 1300 km from Germany to England. The work with these energy fields, grids and lines dominated our  activities since then and still is the base for our relationship to this grand cosmic intelligence until today. With this friendly intelligence we advanced from mere communication to real and ongoing cooperation

Beside many other experiments, again and again after 1992 we returned to the fields where the pictograms of 1991 and 1992 appeared in the area around Marlborough. To give an example we were able to detect again the energy grid inside the field where in 1991 the  Barbury Castle pictogram - the 'Mother Of All Pictograms - appeared. This was three years after the crop circle intelligence had placed this wonderful design inside its gridlike energetic womb. 

An energy grid on the field of the famous Barbury Castle pictogram of 1991 - found still in place three years later! / ein Energienetz in dem Feld des berühmten Barbury Castle Piktogramms - immer noch gefunden 3 Jahre nach dessen Erscheinen dort!  Energy grids, dowsed and outlined three years after the pictogram appeared.  Energy grids on the field of the Barbury Castle pictogram / Energienetze  auf dem Feld des Barbury Castle pictogram

The importance of these energy grids became more and more important. Only the genuine pictograms showed this surrounding grid - and only there it was detectable years after the formation had appeared, independently from the ploughing and seeds. So we could have outlined our experimental pictogram of 1996 inside the field without any own plan: it already was there like a giant energetic 'blueprint' when we entered it to look for a place to create the pictogram! Had somone read our thoughts in advance? Had we created this structure by only thinking of the site?

Unser Experimentalpiktogramm von 1996 aus der Luft / Our experimental pictogram 1996 from the air(50135 Byte) It took us two about 7 hrs of hard work to create this 190 m pictogram Unser Experimentalpiktogramm von 1996 am Boden /our experimental pictogram of 1996 on the ground

To find this out and to verify it we finally went back to England without a specific design in our minds. We would find out if the friendly intelligence behind the crop circle phenomenon really had placed a design in some field for us which we only had to find. And really - in 1997 it was 'the next step': "they" imprinted something energetically in adavance and we found it with the help of the rods and outlined it and thus made "their" energy pictogram inside a grid becoming visible: 

Ein Design, energetisch vorgegeben von der fremden Intelligenz, durch uns gefunden und sichtbar gemacht: eine neue Sternenkarte! / A design, energetically prepared by the genunine intelligence and made visible by us: another star map!  

The first genuine design (according to our findings) since 1992 - another star map!

This pictogram below Woodborough Hill therefore  is to be regarded as 'genuine' because the design is not of human origin. It was named "Sahra's Circles" by Peter Soerensen because he heard of the story that 16 year old Sarah would pass by the field along the concrete road with her horse but it wouldn't go further on while they approached the field. The horse knew the way and had gone along there many times before. Sarah didn't know why the horse behaved in this strange and frightening way and she didn't know about the pictogram. You can see the little lay-by at the road. Here in 1992 Dr. Greer and three other witnesses stood in the rain and in the dark and watched a 'structured craft' as it hovered in the distance and was slowly passing by while it showed a strange display of lights to them.

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For our Mother Earth

Peace and Light

Joachim Koch & Hans-Juergen Kyborg

2004, Berlin, Germany