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Joachim Koch und Hans-Juergen Kyborg

Project Toliman July 26, 2004

The Stargate

The Creation and Activation of the Stargate (continued)

The Project Toliman consisted of two components: the "Stargate" and the global meditation. According to the agreement with Farmer Tim Carson the 'Tawsmead Field' was chosen for the pictogram. For us this was a very important coincidence because here our flight to be remembered of 1992 happened across a pictogram which, in the way we see it,  was one of the last ones which was filled with genuine energy. It was the same pictogram where the CSETI group went in and where they had remarkable experiences with their meditation techniques: 

The Tawsmead pictogram of 1992 / Das Tawsmead Piktogramm von 1992 (27872 Byte)

When we approached this beautiful pictogram with an airplane 100m above ground, the plane and we were severely shakened in the moment we crossed over it. We all felt like tingled with electric energy all over and watched the magnetic compass spinning around. When we turned round and flew across it again, the same incident happened as it was before and the pilot refused to try it a third time because of security reasons. We had entered an energetic tube with the plane which came up (or down) from (or to) the pictogram. This was the requested "physical meeting" with the genuine crop circle intelligence which we had encoded in our experimental pictogram of 1992 but it happened in a location different from what we had suggested and which was now chosen by "them":

 Eperimental pictogram 1992   Experimental pictogram 1992   Exp1992-02.jpg (31520 Byte)

In the background part of the pictogram there is the 'Winter Hexagon' with HD 42807in its center (repetition of a former pictogram), in the forground (or left) part is the Earth with us two inside. Both parts are connected in the middle with the same section: " we are from planet Earth, the third planet counted from the inside out. You are coming from HD 42807 in the center of the 'Winter Hexagon" (or this star has a special meaning). We would like to meet you and propose Silbury Hill (symbolized by the central hexagon because Silbury has six steps inside).  

So indeed we were staying on venerable sacred crop circle ground which we regarded as another gift because nothing really happens by chance in this area. We could verify the energy of the former energy grid of 1992 and noticed, when dowsing a second time, a grid which referred to us and so we placed our pictogram, the Stargate, right into this energy field.

When we entered the field on July 21st with the first daylight we stayed calm and thought of the Phenomenon. We honoured the site with our  seriousness.  Nothing was further from our minds than the intent of fooling humans or to create a 'hoax'. Instead, our pictogram was part of a global experiment as it was the sum of all of our experience for a good if not the best purpose: to heal our Mother Earth. Before we bent the first stalks we sent our love to the field, to the plants, the Earth and to the Phenomenon and promised to cause as little damage as possible.  To create a crop circle of that kind is a continuous active meditation. All the time we envisioned Planet Earth embedded in her cosmic environment  and instilled this vision continuously into the growing pictogram.

The design represents a 'Stargate' and a 'Vril machine' at the same timer. 'Vril' is just another word for free energy. So two intentions were combined in one pictogram. On one hand, it was a Stargate,  a pore, a tunnel into higher dimensions through which the higher intelligences behind the crop circle phenomenon could travel to us.  This concept was already successful in the past.  On the other hand it was a Vril machine. Indeed, we were asking for the propulsion systems of 'their technology' and offered as a proposal the concept of making use of the 'free energy in space'. Our questions in the pictograms in the past have always led to events  which caused new insights, meetings or other incidents which helped us to step on further. 

We needed approx. 6 hours to create this pictogram with three individuals at daylight. Only one time a microlite plane  passed by, another time a very unpleasant local horse riding couple prevented us from working with their discussion for a short time. See the pictures of the creation of the pictogram on the next page: 

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For our Mother Earth

Peace and Light

Joachim Koch & Hans-Juergen Kyborg

2004, Berlin, Germany