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Joachim Koch und Hans-Juergen Kyborg

Project Toliman July 26, 2004

The Stargate

The Creation and Activation of the Stargate (continued)

When the mechanical process of the creation of the Stargate was nearly finished, something was left to do: to make it alive, to make it  functioning as to what is was ment to be: an interdimensional port!

It was a crucial, magical and most spiritual moment, when Joachim performed this ceremony step by step to the rings of the pictogram, to the spokes and to the 'Vril' components and when we three, Joachim Koch, Hans-Juergen Kyborg and Frank Altmann, the physical creators of this wonderful Stargate, stood together for the final meditation to complete

 the Ceremony of the Activation of the Stargate

 which is named:

"The Opening Of The Way"



Only a short time after the creation and activation of the Stargate it became a crowd-puller which surprised us most. Whenever we stood on Woodborough Hill and looked down to our pictogram, we saw many groups and individuals in the tramlines and inside the pictogram. We had not experienced such an interest in that way so far.

We talked to people who have been inside the pictogram and who reported that they have felt the energies and had white spots on their hands. Even when it became known that we have created this formation, we were asked by women about these white spots and the tingling on their hands and they looked at us rather astonished.

A week later, when the pictogram was already badly damaged by all the visitors, we dowsed it again. The overal energetic patterns were powerfully intact, the direction of the energetic flows were unchanged and the pictogram itself was embedded inside of a strong and large energy grid which stretched from the farm way 170 m towards the direction of the road to Pewsey and to both sides it included two more tramlines.

So the positive energy which we used to create this pictogram has had a positive effect on the visitors and helped them to have some pleasant moments inside our Stargate. What a wonderful gift have we received from the genuine crop circle phenomenon which we now could wholeheartedly pass on to others. What wonderful abilities were awakened inside us by the genuine cosmic intelligence which we now could apply for the sake of humanity and Mother Earth on this sacred place! 

Two other coincidences filled our hearts with great joy. As we have written already, in the morning of July 26th there appeared  the 'Dolphin- and Whale' pictogram on the Stowell Farm. It was the day of our Project Toliman and it was also the birthday of Mother Earth. What a wonderful relation to our project because exactely the contact to the whales and dolphins was a very special concern of our work this year.

Just as we had to leave for Germany, another large and wonderful pictogram at Silbury Hill on August 2nd and 3rd appeared. The date of our Project Toliman, July 26th, was not chose without intention. According to the Mayan calendar July 25th was the 'Day ot of Time' and July 26th was the first day of another Earth year, so it was Mother Earth's birthday! And what was shown in the breathtaking pictogram at Silbury? A giant, absolutely wonderful designed Mayan calendar! What a lucky coincidence, what kind of wonderful cooperation!

A very comprehensive and detailed review of the Summer 2004 crop circle season you can find at  Freddy Silva's website. Freddy is a renown crop circle researcher and author. He worked with us in the copse field while we were creating the pictogram we displayed here as the entrance picture to our crop circle section in the nav bar. Before and while we did the pictogram and also afterwards he monitored the energy patterns of this field. The outcome was incredible. But this is another exciting story...

Something about our pictograms...

In all these years since 1991 we created one single pictogram each year we have been in England. The pictogram was always a pivotal part of our experimental work. First, it is a communication tool with the higher intelligences. Second, it is a gift to them. By creating a pictogram out in the fields, we show that we want to be active partners, not passive consumers or cheap bandwagon jumpers. By slaving ourselves for so many hours in the fields under the hot burning Sun we want to show to the Phenomenon that our gift is really fabricated by ourselves, with our energy and and filled with our spirit. It shall be not a cheap gift from the warehouse but a self-made sophisticated, positive and meaningful medicine.

Our pictograms have never ever been hoaxes to fool people. We did them at daylight with permission of the farmer and with a compensation for the damage. We always claimed for our pictograms - in fact, many of you immediately knew the next day about our new pictogram, didn't you? Our pictograms are a part of a theory which originally was based on western science, but this has changed dramatically now. We have received so many insights, information and inspiration by this Phenomenon that our pictograms are like the language they consist of, sometimes like a soft whisper, sometimes like the roar of loud cry but always they contain meaning and information for higher dimensions.

As we know by now, this concept was very well accepted by the higher intelligences behind this gripping phenomenon.

We were and still are honoured by the attention of so many locals by now which make us feel a bit proud because this attention has led into trust by the time, something which is not natural. And it have been our friends in and around Alton Barnes, Alton Priors, Honeystreet, Woodborough, Devizes, Avebury, Swindon and Marlbourough who have shown us things and places, hidden secrets and locations and have brought us in contact with others who usually do not show up publicly. 

These local friends and our cosmic allies deserve our highest respect, so thank you again for your support throughout these eventful years! 

For our Mother Earth

Peace and Light

Joachim Koch & Hans-Juergen Kyborg

2004, Berlin, Germany