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Project TOLIMAN July 26th, 2004

Update March 2004

Peace to the Native Nations 
and Indigenous Friends, 
and to all our friendly supporters worldwide,

if you are interested, please take three minutes of your time for this March update information.

I am writing this email to you encouraged by the light of all five naked-eye planets which appear in the evening sky right now at the same time. You can walk outside, and without any kind of telescope, see the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn, and Jupiter. And you know now about the tenth planet out there in the distant parts of our larger solar system: reddish Sedna. It is a wonderful time.

If you are interested see: 

We were calling you in February 2004 for the first time to kindly listen to our appeal for your spiritual support in a matter of greatest importance for our Mother Earth. If you don't remember our first email or if you have not received it, please click here

Our intent was and is to get in contact to the Native Nations as close as they would allow. We also invited all other individuals, groups, Peace- and Lightworkers who are interested in the goals of our endeavour. I am really pleased that quite a lot have responded so far and yes, among these there are not only indigenous individuals but some of the Native Nation's leaders, too. Of course, some hesitate, of course some are suspicious, but I hope to help you all to get closer to us and us to you with the next two emails. It is important that we stand together in the light of the developments of the nearer future on Turtle Island and elsewhere in the course of this year. When ever there was a time of great importance - then now such a period has started. As you all know. 

So let us leave behind all resentments, dislike, distrust and enemy ship of the past. Let us settle ego and arrogance, let us defeat agony and fear. Let us stand together and after you have talked to your Elders and Chiefs, to your families and friends, consider well if you want to reply to our appeal. Maybe some among you receive certain signs during these weeks - regard them as encouragements by the Universe to become active. We are here and would like to march along with you.

In our first email we wrote beside other important statements: 

"On July 26, 2004, from 11:00 pm to midnight British Summer Time, let us all link up together. Let us sit at the old stones, medicine wheels, on the hills, near lakes, rivers and sea shores, at sacred wells and under holy trees or simply comfortably at home and let us raise and empower the holy energies, let us open these gates, let us be together with our ancestors, let us sing, drum and dance or sit quiet, let's raise the four winds to blow the key word of the new future one time around the world: *c*o*n*t*a*c*t* ! 

On July 26, 2004, we here in Europe intend to continue what we have established two years ago. This is a major meditation ceremony on a global scale. According to many of the participants in 2002, what they told me or wrote to me at that time, they all had distributed our emails further on and were sure that because of this and the responses to this forwarding, there must have been many participants to the meditation on this very day way back in 2002. 

At that time two years ago, we ourselves and many male and more female friends were sitting in South England in the Avebury Stone Avenue, Wiltshire, which consists of huge stones with tons of weight each. They where erected thousands of years before in the Neolithic Age. We have learned during the past years how to use these Earth Energies and the Neolithic sites and the Standing Stones to amplify spiritual energy and the energy of the sites. This is the reason why we asked the Native Nations and others to sit near sacred sites or to link up with those in that night. 

As I was told, many really had done so and this then created the belt of positive spirit one time around the planet in that night. All of the sites have been activated for positive purpose only and still are. And of course, we sent parts of this positive energy - which was generated by our abilities and the permission of Mother Earth to utilize part of her energy - to locations of negative human and non-human imbalance. 

This year we will focus our work on the Vale of Pewsey, Wiltshire, South England, and already have established there a sheltering triangle between the tumulus at Milk Hill, Knap Hill and Alton Priors with the assistance of Woodborough Hill. This all is sacred land and under the influence of the Celtic Spirit Brigit. She is the Goddess of healing, fertility, and patroness of smiths. Her Gaelic name of Breo-saighead means "fiery arrow" or "fiery power". An ever-burning fire was kept in her honour by her nineteen priestesses who lived in a sacred temple at Kildare. She was also a daughter of the Dagda. Variants of her name: Brid, Brig, Brigid, Brighid. She and the overall female aspect in this area are the keepers of the gates to higher dimensions there. So please don't poison this area at any time. We need two teams of voluntaries who hold Milk and Knap Hill during the hour of meditation. If you are in Wiltshire at this time, you are invited to join us. More details about this and the meditation (maps included) will be given in the next email updates and on our website. 


Because of the overwhelming participation of so many powerful individuals and indigenous friends - for example with the great help of Simone Lienert, we even had support from the indigenous people who have Mt. Uluru in Australia on their land and who activated a gate above and with the help of this sacred mountain - we were so powerful that we even affected the computers of the Princeton University who have established a project to look for effects of global recognized events - such as earthquakes, deaths of well known individuals etc. - on the global human consciousness. 


We learned about this project only a few weeks ago and tried to make contact. The director of this project, Roger Nelson, confirmed that their computers reacted on something in that night but of course, they didn't know about us at that time. He is reluctant to respond to requests like ours but then did because it sounded interesting to him - and he could c o n f i r m that our meditation was visible in the results their computers had produced for the night of July 24, 2002! He found our effort so valuable that he included it in his database! What a great success of all of us - of you! 


So what is known to everyone who is working spiritually, to indigenous people and to us since a long time, now we can convince even western sceptics about the abilities we have according to their belief system: the western (white) sciences standards. We have positively influenced the global human consciousness and we have proof that we are effective! The implications of that are immeasurable. 

And once the meditation of July 26th, 2004, is over, we then have another proof to show to those who were sceptic about our abilities and intentions. And it is proof that we really a powerful. The implications of this fact are immeasurable and show our cosmic connection. 

We already have made slight contact to some out of the Native Community. So Bennie LeBeau, enrolled member of the Eastern Shoshone, has contacted us and by the time, a fruitful relationship is established. Both he and us have agreed to support his vision which he is currently bringing to reality. He is travelling around in Turtle Island since a few weeks to activate 19 sacred sites which build a giant medicine wheel in Turtle Island with the Teton Mountains in the centre. There the final ceremony will take place on May 8th. 


On the same day but independently, the Ceremony of the 8000 drums is scheduled by Natives from Hawai'i and Southern America. 


Then many of the Sun dances start within the next weeks beside other important Native ceremonies and in July (26th) we will do our worldwide ceremony. There is a lot more but it would make this email too long. I really would appreciate - for the sake of our Mother Earth - if we could stay in contact and maybe you would consider to help us on July 26th at least with a positive thought. 

Many of you have asked us why we have chosen the 26th of July. And it is a Monday. 

You see, neither Mother Earth cares about the Gregorian calendar nor does the Universe. The 26th of July is the birthday of Mother Earth. This day has a galactic-solar quality for our solar system because, according to the Mayan Calendar, the Sun is said to be in conjunction with Alcyone, the central sun of the Pleiades, with Sirius B and with the galactic centre. This day is the interface of 13 Moon Cycles and is ruled by the sign of TZ'I. TZ'I represents law, authority, justice, precision, law of the energy flow, faithfulness, emotional life and the strength of faith and of confidence. TZ'I is the keeper of the cosmic justice and the cosmic law. 

And on this day at midnight, Toliman (the star Alpha Centauri A, our next yellow neighbour sun) is in conjunction with the Moon. These are the reasons why this day is chosen and why we named the meditation (in fact, it is far more than that): ***Project Toliman***. 

When we are talking about Mother Earth, we know that it means the whole: the planet, the air, the waters, all that is living and all what is created by the living. Among the living there are humans. Some of them are responsible for negative influences to the planetary sphere. They need our positive energies, too, and the places where they are active need the peace that is generated by our positive spiritual effective efforts. 

Please respond in Peace. 

Joachim Koch & Hans-Juergen Kyborg Berlin, 



"Even the rocks, which seem to be dumb and dead as the swelter in the sun along the silent shore, thrill with memories of stirring events connected with the lives of my people, and the very dust upon which you now stand responds more lovingly to their footsteps than yours, because it is rich with the blood of our ancestors, and our bare feet are conscious of the sympathetic touch. Our departed braves, fond mothers, glad, happy hearted maidens, and even the little children who lived here and rejoiced here for a brief season, will love these somber solitudes and at eventide they greet shadowy returning spirits." (Chief Seattle) 



For our Mother Earth,

Peace and Light

Joachim Koch & Hans-Juergen Kyborg

March 2004, Berlin, Germany