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Project Toliman Juli, 26, 2004

The Crop Circle Phenomenon
Research and Results
...more than just flattened corn...
Joachim Koch und Hans-Juergen Kyborg


Since more than 15 years, Joachim  Koch and Hans-Juergen Kyborg are researching the so-called 'Crop Circle Phenomenon' on an international basis. After they successfully have realized communication experiments in the early 90ies with the unknown intelligence on an astronomical level, later the centre of their work moved from the pictograms in the corn fields to the complex energy patterns which are inseperably connected with these phenomena on the ground and in the air. Koch/Kyborg  have reported about it in Germany and in England in lectures, in specialists journals as well as in radio and tv. They have presented the whole chronology of their work in two remarkable books. Koch/Kyborg is so far the only German team who follow their research according their astronomic-geomantic theory about the crop circle phenomenon continuously since such a long time and who verify this theory with life experiments on the spot.

The insights about the interactions of these energy fields between humans and the planet on one hand and humans and cosmic intelligence on the otherhand prompted Koch/Kyborg to organize meditation experiments since 1994. In the beginning, this happened locally among the old neolithic stones and earth works in South England. Since 2002 global meditations were organized for the sake of Mother Earth.

In 2004 the meditation was named: "Project Toliman, July 26, 2004"

On the following pages you can take part in the preparation phase of this major important project and the breathtaking side-efforts such as a meditation with free living dolphins which were invited to take part in our meditiation as ambassadors of all the swimmers.

You may also follow the history of our "Star Gates" which a real existing and connecting energetic structures.

Finally, you can witness what happened during and around the central ceremony, the successful global meditation.