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For a better understanding of our activities in the preparation phase of the meditation we recommend to have a look at the Updates

Here below we present a random selecetion of international emails which reached us before the meditation. Read on the sensational contribution of Native Amaricans! Among these is this crucial very first email of Eutonnah, so you are witnessing the first contact of this wonderful and remarkable woman with us! We thank all who have written to us and supported that crucial effort. 


The Emails as follows:

For many of the reasons you outline in your request for prayer meeting arund the world in July, I am interested in what you are saying. I have an organization called Spirit Talk Culture Institute located in the Blackfoot Nation. I would like to talk with you via e-mail to learn more about what you do and to tell you what I do. We have our spirits and our humanity in common.

Hello, my name is Mala Spotted Eagle. I am from the Western Shoshone and Cherokee Nation. I was told that you may be interested in the work that we are doing. Please if you have time, look at our web site ( and see if it interest you. If you would like, I will put you on our update e-mailing list.

O'siyo from the United States,

I suggest you send this message to Chief Arvol Looking Horse, 19 Generation Keeper of the Sacred Lakota Buffalo Calf Woman Pipe.

As you probably know, Arvol Looking Horse, joined by many spiritual leaders from all over the world, has World Peace and Prayer Day every year on June 21st, the day of the summer solstice.  He has traveled around the world, carrying his message of peace and how we must change ourselves and take care of our Mother, who is dying.

You sound very sincere to me....and so I thought I would make the suggestion to you.

Best wishes,

Jeanne Svhyeyi Aga Chadwick

"Only when the last tree has died,
 the last river been poisoned and the
 last fish been caught will we realize
 that we cannot eat money.

By way of introduction, I'm a Cherokee Shaman who moved to Canada Decades ago. I counsel non aboriginal Peoples in Personal Reclamation for that which is happening to the Land is the reflection of the loss and dis-ease of the human Soul.

I support everything you said in your email. I only received it because my X-husband works with the Congress of Aboriginal Peoples and he sent this to me knowing my spiritual work with the People and the Land.

I don't respond to emails that look like this. In the case that you may be serious I'm writing to request any other information about July 26th and your intentions. Though I do appreciate your intentions of using the power of Invoking (prayer).

Please let me know if I may be of further assistance, other than holding a circle here.


Eutonnah V. Olsen Dunn

Hau, Kolas:
It pleases me to hear that there are some who are aware of the terrible way in which mankind has desecrated Mother Earth, and these people are in different parts of the planet.

I am Lakota/Cherokee, taught by an Oglala Lakota, the ways of our people.  He taught that ALL people have a responsibility to protect and defend the Earth, not just American Indians. This carries a heavy responsibility for those who choose to shoulder this burden.

As you know, the government and the big business interests here on Turtle Island have no interest and no real knowledge of the Spirituality that Indian people are and have been involved in for thousands of years. They only see dollar signs when looking at natural resources and protection of the planet and it's indigenous people and interests have no meaning to them.

Before it is to late, we all must come to understand that this planet has limited resources and we are using them up at an alarming rate. Our old prophecies tell us that a great shaking will occur of Mother Earth. She is starting to rebel because of the treatment she has received for so long. We only have until 2012, to stop and correct the many evils that have been going on for so long. Of course, the government and big business doesn't believe in these prophecies so they continue on as if nothing matters except their own interests.

I will be happy to join with you in spirit on July 24, to combine our spiritual power for the good of protecting our Mother.  May Creator protect and guide us in this matter.
Ken Bravehawk

I will be part of a sweat in North Alabama. I am Principal Chief Billy Grayfox Shaw.Echota Cherokee Tribe of Alabama. I think this is a part of bringing the Medicine back. We have to bring the old was back.This might be our last chance.We must all become one people again,if not our Mother might no survive.

Representatives of the Purdy/Wallace, Mara, Kaopuiki, and Lau Ohanas (Families) of Hawaii will be with you all in spirit and prayer on this day.....

nana i ke kumu (look to the source)-



Dear Friends in Germany

I have passed your message onto 50 people on my email list, this is one comment that has come back from Hawaii.....which is very symbolic...I thought you would like to read it for yourself.


Just to let you know that the womenrise for global peace representatives and the midnight strong heart society of the Lakota nation are now out at wounded knee, and are coordinating our prayers with your list announcements and other unity prayer events. We are also having morning womens prayer and visionings.

Our project is unfolding like a flower with ease and grace through the blessings of our beloved mother earth.

Thank you for all your spiritual support, coordination and deep commitment to love being our only reality.

johann parry cougar

international youth project prayer wall monument and sustainable community villages.

wounded knee

I am a Navajo film maker, I am quite interested in this, please give more information.

Shonie De La Rosa

Sheephead Films

Dear: Mr. Koch

Thanks you for your kind letter and I travelled Germany for a period of 10 years setting up art exhibitions and spoken deep from my heart for people to understand where we all stand with Mother Earth, I felt tired the fall of 2000 as my bank account was sinking fast and hardly no sponsors for the fight of Mother Earth.

I'll fight from North America in what I believe but more vosice's are important.

Yours truly


My deepest thanks for organizing this event........I will send it to all I know........please keep me informed of your progress.........

All My Relations
Debi Yellow Wolf
mixed blood Shawnee

Greetings Dear Friends of the Earth,, This is to inform you that We the members of The Three Fires Midewiwin Lodge, Canada, U.S. and Mejica will be raising seven Pipes in prayer and unity on July 26, 2004 at various site and places on our sacred lands.

Iam the same person that has contacted you and given support over the past three years for this good effort to help our mother Earth to heal from the wounds and disrespect she has suffered from the civilization, greed and cruelty of " the light skinned race" as was predicted in the seven prohecies of the Anishinabe people.

I wish to share with you that not all native peoples and nations will readily join your effort because of the many thousands of times we have been lied to, fooled and exploited in our relationships with the light race of people, Euro natives as you discribe yourselves. Iam sure that you understand.

We do not speak the english or German language and neither do the dolphins, in our ceremonies or prayers. I will on behalf of the Three Fires Midewiwin Lodge extend to you our help and support. In the future you will hear from us on the very important efforts to heal and enrgize our people thru the sacred teachings of the Midewiwin Lodge. I am the same person the tom Dolson speaks of in his letter of support to you. I am the Grand Chief of the Three Fires Midewiwin Lodge, U.S.A., Canada, Mejica.Thank You, Migwetch and the best of luck to you and the great effort on behalf of the Earth. Bawdwaywidun Banaise,,A.K.A. Eddie Benton-Banai

Dear Relations: It is said that in the time of the 7th Fire,
A new generation will emerge at this time and they will seek that things that they left along the way.They will go to the Elders for guidance but many Elders will be sleeping or will not know or will be afraid.But if this new generation continues to go on with a pure heart they will find what they are looking for. They will come to a fork in the road. One road will lead to Materialism and destruction for the "Light skinned" race and almost all living creation on Earth. The other road will lead to a Spiritual Way upon which the Native People of Turtle Island will be standing waiting to join with them and all the other races.This path will lead to the lighting of the "8th Fire" a period of eternal peace, harmony and a "new Earth" where the destruction of the past will be healed."

This is a teaching of the Seventh Fire Prophecy of the Anishnabe People , Megwetch to Elder Eddie Benton Benay for his vision and Chief William Commanda, Keeper of the Seven Fire Prophecy wampum belt for his strenght and love.
Megwetch to you , all my relations, all life is sacred.

Tom Dostou, Bear Chief, Midewewin Society, Wabanaki Nation of Massachusetts,NAC

Dear Joachim Koch:
I was told by Eddie Benton Benay to bring this message of the 7th Fire Prophecy to all the "Four" races . Black, White , Yellow and Red . He advised me to tell them that "this is not a message of the Redman but a message from the Creator for all human beings. Go to the Red people but don't waste your time if they don't want to listen. Go to the Whiteman, the Blackman and the Yellow race and tell them this message. Time is short and we can't waste our time."

Yest what you say is true that Europeans are Native be they French, Swedish or Hungarian. The difference for Euro-Americans is that they are neither "fish nor fowl" . Euro-Americans have thrown out the baby with the bath water and have tried to become something that they have created denying thousands of years of "tribal" culture based in their homelands in Europe.

This lack of "identity" on the part of Euro-Americans has enabled them to mistakenly view themselves as "indigenous" to this land Turtle Island "America" and see us the indigenous of this continent as "Indians".

In my humble opinion you and your fellow Native Germans or other Native Europeans would do us all a great service by reminding your long lost "American" cousins and there are millions of Euro-Americans of German descendancy here of their spiritual roots, Donald Rumsfeld or Arnold Swartznegger , although he is an Austrian.

Megwetch, Tom Dostou, Bear Chief, Midewewin Society, Wabanaki Nation, NAC

I recieve, in the spirit it was given, the outreached hand of reconcilation.
Dawn Wolf, African/Crow/Creek

I help lead people to make Earthprayers for Peace I'll attach an article about the work i wrote for Earthlight magazine,If I can be of assistance let me know.This is a powerful experiencial/spiritual process that heals people and the Earth.namaste Robert Francis Johnson

Mr. Koch,
I have found your letter very interesting. Please provide me with more information so I might put together an article or information to the readers of Red Lake Net News (

I look forward to your reply,MBarrett RLN

Hi Guys,
Thanks for putting out the cry to come together and celebrate our planet Gaia. We will have a gathering here in Phoenix and will offer our  dancing drumming ,singing and pure joy  as our prayer to our creator for the blessing of being alive on this beautiful planet at this time.Our focus will be celebrating the joy of our bodies and souls in concious connection with Mother Earth.

Please keep in touch .
Peace ,joy, love, and light to you

Dear Brothers,
I am writing to you from Minnesota and I too am of (predominantly)'white' ancestry.

I am a Sundancer, as is my child. My 'new' brother is full blood Anishinabeg and most all of my friends, family and those who have become my family are also Native. Apart from my brother, the one to whom I turn for guidance is a Lakota Elder who is direct-line descendent of an old Chief.

This Sundance will bring in people of all nations as the prophesies tell us that it is time to mend the broken hoop. The sacred medicine wheel has four colors; these represent the peoples who must join in healing our Mother and all of creation.

Know that there are many who understand your pleas and agree that we must come together -- there is also a great deal of controversy encircling this issue as so very much has already been stolen from the tribal nations...

I was forwarded your appeal for our tribal peoples to join in harmony and prayer on July 24th; I hesitate to send this out to the many, many people on my listserv. Yes, we are all one family and most all of us share some distant thread of DNA. Our common ancestors were all given the pipe, the drum, the lodge, and the prayers; these were taken from the 'white' race first and we spread this dislocated, non-connected, male-dominant greed across the planet.

Indeed, it is the Indigenous Americans who have kept these sacred practices. We are united in our efforts to preserve our Mother; it is in this respect that I feel I must point out - what I perceive to be - misconceptions in your appeal.

One is that your appeal is based on the premise of calling yourselves the New White Men. You must come to understand that the marginalizing (and in this case, the omission of) the feminine principle is what has gotten us into this mess in the first place. Surely, there is a more unifying name which can be chosen -- you have left me, a woman, out of your circle. Native Americans may receive your request in a dismissive manner because of this omission -- as respect for the female, the life-carrier -- is primary in spiritual ways.

Also, you are gathering at ancient sacred sites in EU for this event. Yes, there are many such sites around our globe and many have been kept and tended to throughout the ages. However, in traditional Native spirituality, every grain of sand, every blade of grass, each place we tread, all creatures, all elements (not man-made), the air we breathe, the wind, the grandfather sun and grandmother moon -- all are sacred.

We put out our tobacco anywhere -- because all is sacred. All of Creation. Please consider finding a new name for yourselves; I cannot, in good conscience, forward your plea -- because I cannot in any way relate myself to your goal of unity. How can you seek unity by leaving out the female? I would very highly recommend that you obtain a copy of John Trudell's new CD: JT DNA. It is all spoken word and John gets to the very heart of what we have lost as a human race -- and how we can begin to recover.

Respond, if you wish. N.

Hello Joachim and Hans!

I have read your message and was very taken by it!I hope your words are true,I want to beleive in them,and from a gut level I do!There has been so much MADNESS AND DESTRUCTION on this Mother Earth.I live in Northern California,and when I saw how the gold rush drove money hungry people to do what they did ,I was devistated.The native blood has flowed all over this sacred land.I recently moved from St.Louis where twice I tried to stop the grave desicration of my anscestors.It is so pitifull!

I have asked myself over over again,when are they going to get it.When are they going to realize that the earth is our Mother,and when we allow tigers to become extinct a part of us dies with them.No longer does what one country do,not have an effect on the whole plant. There can be no more (Chirnobles)where the Russian melt down occurred.That incodent poisened the air and water of the whole planet.We are destroying the lungs of Mother Earth in South America and peopole think it does not effect them!

I am so sadened by the destruction,genoside,starvation,etc of the peoples of this planet.We are all so capable of so much,and it is all our birth right to reep our spiritual inheratance .To much blood has flowed ,not only human,but also our relatives the four leggeds,winged ones,tree nation etc,etc.

I know you understand all these things that I am saying,that is why you do what you do,and I solute you for this good work!You struck a nerve in me.The Aztec and Mayans talk about this age coming to an end in the near future. The next age to come is the age of Enlightment.Well I personally beleive that the age of the king,dictator,the emperor is over,and if it is not then mankind will never make it.If we are all enlightened then there is no one to be dooped.No longer will one percent of the population control the people and resorces of this sacred place.

You have my support,so please keep me imformed!

Your relative,David Silverhawk!

ps.I just want to state that I have white brothers and sisters that I would die for at a moments notice!

Is it one hour from 11am to 12pm (morning/noon), or 11pm to 12am (evening/midnight)??? Your beautiful letter mentions 11pm to 12pm, which is a 13 hour span!! Anyway, will be happy to join in (at any time!)from the Black Hills here in South Dakota, USA - and will forward your letter to many like-minded friends.

Blessings to you both for all your efforts.... Marsha Mittman

Thank you for your kind words. We share your heart space and will gladly join you and the others to link up on July 26th wherever we are to bless and heal Mother Earth.

Arvel Bird, Singing Wolf Records,

This Paula Horne, Chief Arvol Looking Horse's wife, also coordinator of world peace and prayer day.....we had the event on June 21st 2001 in Ireland, we were to have the event in England...but because of the hoof and mouth we did not....attached is the meaning of WPPD, I wish I could type more but in the middle of meeting....this year is in Japan, and the following after 10 years, in the USA...lets stay in touch...pray with us and organize on June 21st.....Paula and click on the wppd, on that site you will see who we are and what we are doing..Paula

Dear Friends,

Thanx for your beautiful and inspiring message. I want to participate and I stand for liberty and justice for all and have for years. May I suggest you read the eternal principles left by the most recent prophet of God, Baha'u'llah. They offer solutions to all the worlds problems and his wisdom teachings can attune us to the world of the future, starting Now. Much more is available online- free for the minds and hearts of us all. I work for a Global Neighborhood, connected so well thru the Internet.

We the people united globally will triumph and truth will prevail.

Robyn Wolf

This sounds like a wonderful idea. Keep sending me your news , please, and I will send this information around.

I have friends with good connections with our local First Nations group, here in Kamloops, and other places in British Columbia.

Best wishes to you both, Carol Outerbridge

Dear friends,
I have meet with a lot of friends on July 2002, here in Montseny, a beutifull mountain near Barcelona, Spain.

On next July, I will not stay here, but I want to meet were I will stay, in another region of Spain. The results of July 2002 were magical and full of ligth.

My name is Alana Messineo, I am astrologer, therapist and teacher of Power of Now and belly dancing. From the Armonic Convergence, in 1987 I convoque friends, students and clients to meet together in Mundial Meditations.

Please writte more information about next July.

Love to you both.


Greetings Akim,
Your email address was posted in an article I read regarding the upcoming Medicine Wheel ceremony planned for May 8.

It mentioned a similar ceremony being planned for July 26th, 2004. I am interested in receiving additional information for this July ceremony to pass along to others. I am in contact with over 6,000 people through the various groups and organizations to which I belong.

Thank you for your time and consideration in this important work for Mother Earth. I share your love for her and want to help get the word out.
White Electric Wind

Je souhaite m'associer à votre mèditation. J'habite LA REUNION, une île francaise de l'Océan Indien et je serai ravie de battre le tambour pour célébrer notre Terre Mere.
Merci, A bientôt

June 16, 2004, 2:30 p.m. Is it possible if you can e-mail a simple poster to me for Pray for the Earth Day on July 26. I would like to forward it to other Native Americans who live their culture/traditions and beliefs. The idea is kool! We all pray to the same creator in our own separate ways and still we are all connected to the earth and beyond. Emby

Dear Joachim,

I am so very grateful for all the work you are doing.  I will be with the experience from the heart of the dove (Iowa).

Blessings, Launie 'Blue Buffalo Woman'

Thank you for this update. Dana and I are taking care of the details for our groups in Murfreesboro and Nashville, Tennessee in the U.S. Be assured that we will be standing beside you in our own way on the evening of the 26th.
In love,
Magda Oakewoman

Greetings from New Mexico. Thank you for your email I will pass it on to my mailing list. Congratulations for making this powerful and important statement. It is the beginning of the promised unity of the many nations of the indigenous people of mother earth. When the native people of all nations come together to pray for Mother Earth she will heal.

I am of Scot and German decent and have strong roots in Native American spiritual practices, since child hood. As an adult I have supported Southern Ute Sundance. In 1999 I received a vision there that I was to deliver messages to people who once carried medicine bundles, and during the genocide burned, or buried them. When this happens the gift is left dormant and cannot be passed on. I have delivered countless messages. The first European message was at Devises for a German woman who carried a Deer Society bundle.

I have also worked with Deer bundles in France. These sacred gifts must be remembered for the Hoop to Mend and Mother Earth to heal. You have a sacred calling, you know this I am sure. I think you are the ones I participated with in 2002 at Avebury at midnight, Grandmother Sara Smith was there.

I will be in Northern California, doing sacred work I will connect to you. Beloved ones my heart is filled with joy, a rainbow arcs across the world filled with love. blessings Mitakyue Oyasin, We are All Related

Judith/ Red Clay Woman

thank you. please count me in.

lynette cruz
ahupua`a action alliance
honolulu, hawaii

Thank you for your kind request/offer for spiritual co-operation.. I would be honored to be a part of this great meditation to assist the beloved Earth Mother! I have been involved in her birthing and humbly serve her and her children of all colors, race, tribes and religions...

We together as one nation the Rainbow Warriors of Peace will assist the beloved mother in her birthing and transition peroid.. Please count me in and send me any further information concerning this work...

Be In Peace and Joy! I Am She Who Rides on the Wind/ Josephine Carolyn

Looper of the Cherokee Nation

Dear Sirs,
I became aware of you through some mention on a late night talk show-the Art Bell show. I listened askance at first, but Icame to feel strongly that your hearts and minds are in the right place, I support and will spread the word to those around me.

Thank you,

Roy Meserve

>Hi There,
I was really happy to receive your e- mail. I am living here in the desert in Phx Az and I am feeling the love and healing energy Guia is giving to us everyday.The desert is in full bloom after our unuasual  heavy rains and every little seed that was lying  sleeping until the first days of rain  they got to wake up,and now they want to give us thier loving powerful healing energy. The Earth is returning to her orignal state of exctasy and is now for us to come into resonance with her and also live from this state of being.She is caring for and loving those who love her. Its her joy to give to us and our greatest gift to her is our true devine nature fully embodied in all of us as we live on her body .

Thank you for your reaching out with your information and your service to all of us.
Lov,in Peace ,joy & exctasy 
Collette Taaffe

Dear Brothers,
I am very happy that your hearts have united in this effort.  It is a great healing for our Mother.  I support you by sendingthis email to 400 people, as well as putting it on the website, under 'events'.

P.S. I suppose you already are aware of the fact that the more of us upon the earth bring light to the planet, and our consciousness supports it in its transition into the 5th dimension with love (as we too ascend into the 5th dimension), that you are helping to diminish the earth changes that will be upon us this year.
Many continued blessings,
Marcy Roban

Thank you for this. I have forwarded this to all the members of my meditation group, and I'm certain we will participate in this one as we did in the meditation in July of 2002. Thank you.

Doris Render, West Des Moines, Iowa

Hello Koch,

I believe what you say & I will pass this on to my Native brothers & sisters. Please continue your good work & I will join you & see if I can get others to join you as well. Mitakuye Oyasin (all my relations)

Dear Brothers, 
I have added your event to our calendar of events & can be seen at:  I have taken the liberty of editing your email as I could not put everything it it in the list of events.  I will probably shorten it further at some point, but for now, it is up.
Blessings, Marcy


Thanks (and Danke) for your response. Like you I just represent myself, but I coordinate a meditation circle of SRF and can spread the word around the community. I'm living in Corvallis, Oregon, USA

Glad to hear from You, David

I would be delighted to join with you  in this event of global contact.... however I noticed on my calendar that it takes place on a Monday. this makes it challenging to organise a group here in Sydney .....I am a musician and so it would involve a focus with drums, toning and other instruments, so is it possible that we participate on Sunday 24th July with the intention of joining globally in the Spirit of Peace ....with thoughts of Peace and Global Harmony I participate with you in Love ....
Ulli Hansen

Hallo friends,

This is VNV Natrajen from South India.

I am getting your mails for the past two years. I am sorry I didn't reply you. I earnestly apologise, excuse me.

You are great really people with noble thoughts. I ama youth motivator. I will collect more youth and participate in the great event.

I will keep n touch the developments.

My best wishes,
VNV Natrajen
South India.

Thanks for your email.
Since the 19 sacred places ring a bell with the 19 circles of the Flower of Life, we will connect as FOL Workshop participates from Allicante Spain spiritually. In addition some of my roots are with the Native Indians from the US.

Jyotisha Tat
Bija Gandhi Salem
Inner peace for all living beings
Paz para todos los seres vivos

Thank you for this information. We are planning to join the group meditation on 7/26 here in Des Moines, Iowa with about 15 people. I have also forwarded this info to friends in Sante Fe, Springfield, MO, and Hot Springs,Arkansas, and asked everyone to spread the word.

Doris Render, West Des Moines, Iow

...and many, many more...

For our Mother Earth,
Peace and Light
Joachim Koch & Hans-Juergen Kyborg
December 2003, Berlin, Germany