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Project Toliman Juli, 26, 2004

The Meditation with the Dolphins on June 2nd, 2004, in Mozambique

Brothers and Sisters,

On June 2nd, 2004, we all have received one of the greatest gifts we ever could imagine. In the course of our preparations for Project Toliman on July 26th we have received the attention of a higher intelligence down in the oceans, the Dolphins, who we invited to join our meditation on that precious day in July, wich is the birthday of Mother Earth -- and they responded!

From now on, be aware of the fact that our invitation to these high advanced intelligences under the seas is now spreading throughout the deep blue and the passion with which this message was brought to them will be transported throughout all oceans. We will share our songs and our tears with them while on one side of this planet the Sun, and on the other side her relatives, the Stars, will cause sparkeling reflections on the surface of the waters. We will be united in spirit - with their now granted permission.

And all this was done in the water, so the water, too, has got this invitation and information now - and will respond to our request further. The oceans - this living liquid - will be with us because the message was delivered with love for our Mother Earth.

Our dear friends Frank and Jeanette from Germany, after some very fruitful dicussions in our inner circle, started out to try what seemed impossible to achieve, to go for a meditation under the sea with the Dolphins and Whales.

Our idea was that if the water has these qualities as it known by many indigenous people since ages and how it was brought to modern science by Dr. Emoto, Japan, and Prof. Kroeplin, Germany, it would certainly respond to our intentions. So it was clear that we could 'inject' our invitation into the water where it would be stored and became part of the vast information storing ability of the waters everywhere. And it would become easier for our own water inside our bodies to resonate with the outside water once we have asked for permission and once we have introduced ourselves to the waters. We would like to ask the water of the entire planet to be our ally on that day.

And it was clear that beings like the Dolphins and Whales, mighty intelligences in a different realm, must be included. We would ask them for their support, we would invite them to meditate with us on July 26th. What great beings they are, living in a medium where all the events and information have left traces since our Mother Earth exists.

So click above left for the breathtaking report of what happened with Frank and Jeanette in Mozambique during the beginning of June 2004, a year most crucial to this planet, our only home.

What a great gift have we all received! May your day be brightened now!

Please help to spread this wonderful news everwhere!

Peace and Light.

F.&J., J.D. Koch, H.-J. Kyborg, Eutonnah

June 2004, Berlin, Germany