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Project Toliman Juli, 26, 2004

The Meditation with the Dolphins on June 2nd, 2004, in Mozambique

The Meditation of Frank and Jeanette with the Swimmers

Frank and Jeanette arrived after a long journey with sometimes no regular road under the wheels of their vans in Ponta do Ouro, Mozambique, on May 31st. The meditation was scheduled for the morning of June 1st. But is was forbidden to use diving equipment because the Dolphins do not react positively to that. Only snorkeling was allowed. With a rubber boat, Frank and Jeanette drove behind the first breaker. It was known in this area that the Dolphins were travelling along the coast not too far away in distance. But after they had managed to go beyond the breaker out into the open sea, no Dolphin was to be seen.

This happened on June 1st at about 09:00 am local time (equal to CEST) when we here in Europe linked up with them in deep mediation. So with their boat, they drove along the coast to find any Dolphin but they couldn't. Then suddenly, just like a mighty guard who was alarmed by an intruder, a Whaleshark of about 8.50 meter length appeared.

Frank jumped into the water and swam beside this obviously peacefully ambassador for about 40 minutes. Frank started to meditate at him more and more intensively, explaining our intentions, our project, invited him and his relatives to participate and to spread our invitation for all other beings in his realm. After this long time of being together, Frank had to say goodbye and left the meditation. Later, back on the way towards the coast, Frank, totally impressed by the unexpected appearence of this giant being, he was wondering about the lack of any of the Dolphins. Was something wrong with our concept? Or was this part of their concept? Was this Whaleshark only a patrol of what might unfold afterwards?

In the afternoon of the same day, another diving was arranged, this time with full diving equipment, so it was not expected to look for Dolphins because they stay away from divers with full equipment in this area. But then, as soon as Frank with the boat crew had crossed the first breaker, more than 30 Dolphins suddenly surrounded the boat without any fear and were screaming loud all the time. Because Frank was scheduled for a diving with full equipment, they drove on towards a riff. There he went down below for 18 meter and was coming to rest. A huge swarm of fish appeared, swirling all around. He dedided to swim into the swarm and it was as if there was a door opened, so he 'entered' that 'door' and it seemed to be closed behind him. He started to meditate inside (!) that swirling swarm of fish, sending out again the message of our July 26 effort and the invitation to join. After about 15 minutes he suddenly was 'released' from the swarm in the same way he was invited to enter it. There are really no words, according to Frank, for how he felt in these moments and later that day.

In the evening of that wonderous day, Jeanette decided to go to the beach, facing the Bay, and to start a meditation all alone. Here is her report:

Jeanette's meditation with the Dolphins on June 1st, 2004 at the shore of Ponta do Ouro Bay, Mozambique.

I postponed the meditation which originally was scheduled for 08:30 am to 09:30 am to the early evening hours because when I was sitting in the inflatable boat with all its rocking motions it was impossible to concentrate. And especially when suddenly this 8.50 meter long whaleshark appeared, there was pure excitement all around. But my husband Frank, as an enthusiastic diver, used the favor of the hour and meditated for about 40 minutes with this majestic being while snorkeling along closest by with this peaceful giant guard.

Because, unexpectedly and except of the whaleshark, there were no Dolphins around while this first mediation took place, I decided to sit down underneath a big gnarled tree directly at the beach. From there I could overview the whole Bay where it was known that the Dolphins do swim most of the daytime.

By the time I went into a deeper meditational state and waited for answers to my questions I had in my mind since the early morning hours: Was it right to ask the Dolphins and Whales for their support in the light of what Man has done to them in the past? Would they, could they help us at all?

After I had sent out positive energy and light into the Bay for a while, I tried to get in contact with the Dolphins out there. Though I am trained in these techniques, it was somehow difficult to get on line with them. But then, suddenly and amazingly, information started to filter through. I cannot say where they exactly came from but it seemed to be something like a higher consciousness of the Whales and Dolphins themselves. The essence of all the information which came through is like this:

They, the Whales and Dolphins, are already supporting mankind with what they are doing. Beside other things, with their voices and sounds, they provide information to the water 'to keep it alive'.

They appreciate our interest in them and of course, they would continue to support us.

They don't need our spiritual support as much as they need our direct help for their essential protection and for the survival of their species.

Because if their number will be reduced furthermore 'the waters in the Oceans will die'.

While receiving these incoming messages, I had a feeling that we still cannot comprehend what they are doing and that we are dealing with an intelligence completely different to ours. The communication with an extraterrestrial intelligence must be similar to that and maybe we should put questions more serious and more intense about how many and what kind of intelligences on this planet should be explored and investigated else!

The thoughts and memories of these eventful and emotionally stirring two days in Mozambique will accompany my husband and me for ever. With our engagement, we hope to raise a deeper understanding and more counsciousness towards our friends down there in the deep blue water. Jeanette & Frank

The next morning, on June 2nd, while Frank was snorkeling and meditating again, sending greetings to the water and to all beings within, especially to the Dolphins and Whales, and was inviting them for the current meditation and the one on July 26th,--


so many dolphins appeared deep underneath him that Frank couldn't count them anymore. But they stayed down there as if waiting for something. Frank started to visualize a bright bridge of light towards them, sending his love and went deeper and deeper in a meditational state. Right at this moment, all the Dolphins started to swim upright towards him, all at the same time, all upright like in a wonderful synchronized ballet. They were everywhere, around and underneath. Some had their babys with them. Frank was not only surrounded, he was right inbetween them. The deeper he meditated the nearer they came, some within two meter distance. He got the impression that all the floods were filled with their voices! Later, when he returned to the coast, he ( a strong man ) couldn't other than gratefully crying.

It is now planned by some of the friends down there that in that bay where this extraordinary meeting happened, a meditation will be arranged to join in our global circle on July 26th.

This all happened in Ponta do Ouro, Mozambique.

I hereby recommend to all of you who live at the sea shores - please go out to the coasts, stretch out your hands, send your love to the water and to the Dolphins and Whales, refresh and confirm our covenant with them. Be our ambassadors whenever you live at or near the sea. Please do this during the next weeks until July 26th has arrived to confirm what has started with Frank's encounter in Mozambique. Help to build a trustful relationship to these higher intelligences under the seas. We need them. They need us.

What a great gift have we all received! May your day be brightened now!

Please help to spread this wonderful news everwhere!

Peace and Light.

F.&J., J.D. Koch, H.-J. Kyborg, Eutonnah

June 2004, Berlin, Germany